From the Head of the Science Board

Today, health systems are in an incredible transformation and change. In health, as in the other sectors, as a consequence of acceleration of the change emerging with technological developments and digitalization, we are rapidly approaching the end of health services that we are accoustomed. Now we live in a period that we can produce new organs, tissues an deven beings, we can produce solutions fort he genetic diseases accepted as incurable, some people are finding a chance to retrieve their senses like sight or hearing that they have never tasted in their lifes, we all have the opprtunity of being our own doctors with artificial intelligence, quality life choices are increasingly widespread and aging is supplanted by congevity.

In this context, Digital health has a crucial role toplay in improving the reach, impact and efficiency of modern healthcare. The Turkish healthcare sector recognised this transformation years ago, and now develops some of the most sophisticated systems in the world for tracking, managing and delivering patient-centred services. Digital health means; patients will benefit from the technologies like telecare, telehealth, mHealth, eHealth, artifical intelligence in health and use of big data, wearable and portable medical devices, smart hospital practices, innovations in medical education, medical and surgical robots. Digital health provides to patients cost-effective and comfortable service controlling their illnesses and making them better in a short time. It gives means to clinicians,, managers and researchers to care and more effective treatment planning and presentation and improves through perfect knowledge transfer and analysis of vital information.

We live in a world in which information and its appropriate usage are critical to the success of companies and individuals. Unfortunately, numerous issues arise in the process of data collection, distribution, and usage. Can Blockchain-based technology prove to be the long-awaited remedy for that?Blockchain is a distributed data base system that acts as an “openledger” to store and manage transactions.Placing healthcare data bases on the block-chain would create a single, unchangeable resource for practitioners to use when treating a patient. The most significant benefit the blockchain could offer healthcare is security. A Blockchain-based healthcare system will remove the risk factors in sharing of big datas and it will provide to use it safely and making decisions based on data.

For this reason, the main theme of the 3rd. International Congress on Healthcare Informatics and Information Security will be "Digital Health, Large Data in Health and Blockchain".

Congress will strive to create a platform for discussion of Healthcare Information Technologies and Information Security Practices and Innovations in the World. The mission of the Congress which will be attended by representatives of many international institutions and experts will be interpretation of different applications, achievements and in the context of global trends Information Technology and Information Security in the World on the axis of healthcare services.

Besides, this congress will provide an opportunity to discuss on the applications and experiences being necessary to present more safety, active and effective healthcare services with the information Technologies renewed every day.

In this way, the participants will have the opprtunity of discussing Health Information Technologies and key approaches in providing Information Safety in the World and examining new systems and ideas getting beyond the traditional limits your abstracts and efforts as field practioners and by the way of conferences and workshops through the Congress.

We are honored to see you among us.

Prof. Dr. Seval Akgün

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