Invitation to Congress

Dear Sector Dellegate,Executies, Liveware, Health Care anf İnformation Security Personnel,

After the introduction of information technologies, computers have entered our lives and internet technology has caused the restructuring of all sectors. Information technologies, which are advancing at an unprecedented today, have opened the door to new applications that could not be imagined in the past. The development of information technologies has brought many innovations in the health sector. Diagnosis and treatment and patient monitoring systems facilitated the diagnosis, treatment and control of diseases. On the other hand, automation of hospital management systems and executive information systems increased the effectiveness of health managers as in other sectors.

Under these two headings, new situations arising with the development of information technologies can be summarized as follows.

Smart healthcare applications and wearable technologies are the leading digital health technologies. Nowadays wearable technologies are not only used to count pulses or measure steps. Smart healthcare applications and technologies that are personalized, promote healthy living, play an active role in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and collect data for medical / scientific research have become indispensable parts of our lives.

Advantages such as the fact that the physician has access to patient information more quickly and easily and preventing the patients from being followed up by physicians due to physical conditions have made ‘’Tele-Medicine’’ and ‘’Tele-Health’’ applications widespread. Especially elderly or pregnant patients who cannot go to the doctor will be able to benefit from health facilities without going to the hospital. These innovations provide manpower, cost and time savings as well as access to people who are difficult to access health services.

Communication has an indispensable place in the effective delivery of health services. That's why digital communication technologies and tools are important.

The new threats that will arise with these technological developments that make our lives easier are also an important issue to be dealt with. Because personal health data, which forms a part of our private life, is collected in these digital environments. If the state-of-the-art hospitals and medical devices we use in these hospitals are the target of cyber-attacks, different threats such as data theft, violation of data privacy, and hacking of medical devices are a side effect of this new technology.

With the participation and scientific contributions of you, we have organized the fourth edition of the congress, and this year's main theme has been determined as “Smart Health Technologies-Applications, Telemedicine and Digital Communication in Health” in line with the developments and needs in the health sector. In our congress, we will give place to the works of foreign and indigenous scientists and practitioners around this priority issue, and we will give place to all subjects related to health informatics and information security.

4th International Congress on Health Informatics and Information Security will be held on December 11-14, 2019 in Antalya. You can follow the developments and announcements about our congress at The Congress will be organized by the World Congress which is the leading company in the field of organizing scientific congresses in our country.

We will be honored by your participation in the congress, which will be attended by employees, scientists and related executives of the health and information sector.