Invitation to Congress

The rapid and economical transition of services has accelerated from paper based technologies to digital one. These digital environments make our life easier bring some risk factors in the aspect of personal rights. Because our personal data whcih is the main part of our life is collected in this digital environmnets. At the same time personal health data which is the part of individual’s personal data constitutes in the sensitive data and this data contains the information about person.

With the enforcement of The Law on the Protection of Personal Data on 07/04/2016 and following this “Digital Health, Big Data and Blockchain”which took effect on 20/10/2016, personal health care has become an important agenda.

In this era which we call it digital era the quality, efficiency and sustainability of health services is possible not only by the presence of qualified human resources and equipped health facilities but also by the most advanced use of secure information technologies.A lot of data that we keep them in virtual environment which there is no limitation are at risk. If we think about cyber attacks to our hospitals equipped with the latest technology and the medical devices it is the fact that there are lots of things we have to talk and do.

The main theme of the 3nd Conference of Health Informatics and Information Security which will be held in Antalya between 14-17 November will be; “Digital Health, Big Data and Blockchain”. The great awearness will be created in the congress via different oral and poster presentations which will be directed by the health personnel and experts both in our and foreign countries.

If you accept and participate in our congress, we believe that with your contribution we will make a better and more scientific congress. It will be great honor for us to see and meet you in our congress.

Best Regards,

Law. Gürbüz YÜKSEL