Main Themes

Digital Hospitals

Who is HIMMS? HIMMS (Health Information Systems and Management) Applications in the World and Turkey

Creating Digital Hospitals-HIMMS 6-7

Difficulties in creating digital hospitals and Digital Hospital Management

Digital Patient: Digital Doctor and Clinic; Digital Nurse

Digital Health Platforms, Patient Empowerment, Ethical and Legal Aspects

Digital Health Platforms, Functional and Technological Dimension in Pandemic

Digital Health Platforms, Tools and Technology

Futuristic Approaches to Health

Artificial Intelligence in Health

Blockchain and Applications

Cyber ​​Security

Data Security in Big Data and Personal Data Sharing

Telehealth / E-health

Mobile Health

What Big Data Means and What It Will Bring to the Health Sector

Ensuring Big Data Security

Database Security

Combating Malware in Corporate Networks and Threats of Malware Reaching Its Target

Data Privacy and Security

Emerging Health Information Technologies

Wearable Health Informatics Systems

Geographic Health Information Systems (GIS)

Informatics Applications and Privacy in Public and Community Health

Privacy in Health Informatics and Clinical Practices

Health Informatics and Patient Safety

Research in Health Informatics and Informatics in Clinical Research

Electronic Patient Files, Personal Health Records Management

Health Information Technologies Widely Used in Health Services

Information Security, Privacy, Compliance, Accountability and Integration

Common Uses of Informatics to Prevent Patient Safety in the Clinic (Electronic Order System, Methods Reinforcing Clinical Decision Making)

Informatics, Quality and Accreditation in Health

Trends in Health Information

Data Integration in Health and Its Side Effects

Health Informatics Management

The Role of Health Informatics in the Management of Chronic Diseases

Future of Health Informatics

Health Information and Medical Technology

Informatics and Ethics in Health