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Invitation to Congress

Congress Chair
Law. Gürbüz Yüksel

The rapid and economical transition of services has accelerated from paper based technologies to digital one. These digital environments make our life easier bring some risk factors in the aspect of personal rights. Because our personal data whcih is the main part of our life is collected in this digital environmnets. At the same time personal health data which is the part of individual’s personal data constitutes in the sensitive data and this data contains the information about person.


From the Head of the Science Board

Head of the Science Board
Profesor Dr. Seval Akgün

Today, health systems are in an incredible transformation and change. In health, as in the other sectors, as a consequence of acceleration of the change emerging with technological developments and digitalization, we are rapidly approaching the end of health services that we are accoustomed. Now we live in a period that we can produce new organs, tissues an deven beings, we can produce solutions fort he genetic diseases accepted as incurable, some people are finding a chance to retrieve their senses like sight or hearing that they have never tasted in their lifes, we all have the opprtunity of being our own doctors with artificial intelligence, quality life choices are increasingly widespread and aging is supplanted by congevity.