Invitation to Congress

Dear Sector Dellegate,Executies, Liveware, Health Care anf İnformation Security Personnel,
After the introduction of information technologies, computers have entered our lives and internet technology has caused the
restructuring of all sectors. Information technologies, which are advancing at an unprecedented today, have opened the
door to new applications that could not be imagined in the past. The development of information technologies has
brought many innovations in the health sector. Diagnosis and treatment and patient monitoring systems facilitated the diagnosis,
treatment and control of diseases. On the other hand, automation of hospital management systems and executive information
systems increased the effectiveness of health managers as in other sectors.
Under these two headings, new situations arising with the development of information technologies can be summarized as follows.
Smart healthcare applications and wearable technologies are the leading digital health technologies. Nowadays wearable
technologies are not only used to count pulses or measure steps.  Smart healthcare applications and technologies that are
personalized, promote healthy living, play an active role in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and collect data for medical /
scientific research have become indispensable parts of our lives...