Invitation to Congress

Prof. Dr. Seval AKGÜN
Congress Chair
Assoc. Dr. Tunca DOĞAN
Scientific Committee President
Dear Health Workers and IT Specialists;

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is based on imitating human thoughts, reactions and simulating human intelligence; heuristics, pattern matching, rule-based operations, deep learning, etc. It is the field of computer science that
aims to achieve results using algorithms for techniques and supports self-learning of applications.
Artificial intelligence applications developed within the scope of digitalization in health are used to support diagnosis, treatment and predictions in many medical conditions, as they can identify meaningful relationships in raw data.
These applications range from diagnosis of diseases to evaluation of patients, from determination of treatment methods to clinical decision making and maintaining and maintaining health. In recent years, we come across examples where artificial intelligence is used in many areas in health. It has application potential in almost every field of medicine, including drug development, patient monitoring, and personalized patient treatment plans.
Considering the developments in artificial intelligence technology, there is no doubt that healthcare professionals will increasingly encounter new technologies and applications in the clinical environment. Therefore,
The main theme of the VII.  International Congress on Informatics and Information Security in Health will be
"Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence Applications in Health". The Congress aims to create a platform
where the applications and innovations of Information Technologies in Health and Information Security
in the World will be discussed. The mission of the congress, which will be attended by many representatives of international institutions and experts; In the context of different applications, achievements and worldwide trends, Information Technologies and Information Security in the World will be interpreted in the axis of health services.